class GeoEDF.processor.SubsetAORCForcingData

Module for implementing the SubsetAORCForcingData processor. The processor takes a start and end date as well as a HUC12 ID or shapefile or geospatial extents as input. AORC data is clipped to the provided extent and the necessary forcing data input variables are extracted. A path to pre-downloaded AORC data files is required.

start_date(str, required)

Start date in the format, ‘%m/%d/%Y’.

end_date(str, required)

End date in the format, ‘%m/%d/%Y’.

aorc_datapath(list, required)

This is a list of one or more names of subdatasets that need to be aggregated.

huc12_id(str, optional)

If shapefile is not specified, then the HUC12 id is used.

shapefile(str, optional)

This needs to be a local file path to a .shp shapefile.

extents(list, optional)

This is the list of extents in the order, xmin, xmax, ymin, ymax.