class GeoEDF.processor.InVESTModel
Processor for executing any InVEST model using the model API.

An InVEST model requires additional parameters to run. These parameters may be provided as either:

  • a mapping of arguments (under the “args” key)
  • a path to a datastack archive or parameter set (under the “datastack”
    key). This may be hosted on a remote server, accessible via http(s).

The model name must always be provided, where the model name matches those model names defined in natcap.invest.model_metadata.

model(str, required)

The path to the model is to be specified.

datastack(str, optional)

If the datastack starts with http it will be fetched from the website specified. Otherwise the path must be specified.

args(list, optional)

Instead of a datastack, the user can provide a set of arguments.