class GeoEDF.processor.HDFEOSShapefileMask

This processor aggregates the data values from a HDF file for a given shapefile containing polygons. One or more subdatasets from the HDF file can be aggregated. The result is a new shapefile with the same features as the original with new fields added for each subdataset’s aggregate value for a polygon feature.

hdffile(str, required)

This is the input HDF file. The attribute can be a local file path or a workflow stage reference.

shapefile(str, required)

This needs to be a local file path to an ESRI .shp shapefile.

datasets(list, required)

This is a list of one or more names of subdatasets that need to be aggregated.


  1. This processor supports both HDF4 and HDF5, but assumes that the files are in the HDF-EOS format.
  2. All processing occurs in the latitude-longitude space by reprojecting the shapefile to WGS84 and extracting the lat-lon for each grid cell in the HDF file. Extraction of cell lat-lon pairs for HDF4 files relies on the eos2dump utility.