class GeoEDF.processor.WQPMap

Create an interactive standalone map (HTML/JS) using data from a USGS NLDI and EPA Water Quality Portal (WQP)

nwis_site(str, required)

The USGS Gage Station Identifier

um_dist(int, optional)

The distance (km) from USGS Station that defines upstream extent of stream reach

ud_dist(int, optional)

The distance (km) from USGS Station that defines downstream extent of stream reach

begin_date(str, optional)

The earliest Activity Begin Date (MM-DD-YYYY)

end_date(str, optional)

The latest Activity End Date (MM-DD-YYYY)

ignore_wqp_dates(boolean, optional)

Flag to denote whether to ignore date range for WQP data


  1. The generated file contains only HTML and JavaScript, and is capable of running standalone in a browser.
  2. If um_dist and/or dm_dist are not given they will be set to 50km and 25km, respectively.
  3. If no begin_date is given, it will be set to Jan 1 of two years prior to the current year.
  4. If no end_date is give, it will be set to the current date.
  5. If ignore_wqp_dates is True (the default), then all available data is retrieved.