Welcome to GeoEDF’s documentation!

GeoEDF is an extensible data framework designed to simplify data wrangling in geospatial research workflows. GeoEDF enables researchers to define scientific workflows as a logical sequence of data acquisition and processing steps.

Reusable building blocks termed data connectors and data processors implement data acquisition from various repositories using various data access protocols, and a range of domain-agnostic domain-specific geospatial processing operations respectively.

The GeoEDF framework defines the syntax and semantics of connectors and processors, while the engine implements the validation, transformation, job planning, and execution of declarative GeoEDF workflows encoded in YAML syntax.

GeoEDF Framework

A guide to the key components of the GeoEDF framework package that help with executing data connectors and processors as workflow jobs in any execution environment.

GeoEDF Engine

A guide to the GeoEDF workflow engine that transforms logical GeoEDF workflows into jobs for various execution environments.

Running Workflows

A guide to running workflows in the MyGeoHub science gateway.

Development and Deployment

A guide to the tools available for developing new connectors and processors, and the deployment of GeoEDF in a cyberinfrastructure environment.

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