class GeoEDF.connector.input.NASAInput

Download data from a NASA DAAC

url(str, required)

This is the endpoint URL to file(s) served by a NASA DAAC or any repository that uses NASA Earthdata authentication. This connector supports wildcards in the URL, look below for more details on how this works.

user(str, required)

This is your login username for NASA Earthdata

password(str, required)

This is your login password for NASA Earthdata


  1. If the url contains a * in its last segment, all files matching the wildcard string will be downloaded. For example,* will result in all files served at this URL to be downloaded. If url were*.h09v07*.hdf, only files matching the MCD15A3H.*.h09v07*.hdf pattern will be downloaded.
  2. The connector uses simple HTML parsing to determine the list of files matching the wildcard entry. It is assumed that navigating to the base URL i.e. above, returns a simple HTML listing of <a href=...></a> elements.
  3. When using this plugin in a workflow, leave the password binding blank to avoid saving sensitive information to the workflow file. The workflow engine will prompt the user to enter a value securely when executing the workflow.