Running Workflows

The GeoEDF workflow engine has been deployed to the MyGeoHub science gateway where users can design and execute workflows. Workflows on MyGeoHub are executed on Purdue University’s Halstead cluster. In order to run a workflow on MyGeoHub, first launch the Jupyter notebook tool and create your workflow YML file in the Jupyter filesystem. You can then execute and monitor the status of this workflow using the following Python code from inside a Jupyter notebook.

import hublib.use
%use pegasus-5.0.1
%use geoedfengine-1.81

First, we import the GeoEDF workflow engine module via HUBzero’s use library. Next, we import the necessary libraries from GeoEDF:

from geoedfengine.WorkflowEngine import WorkflowEngine

Finally, execute the desired workflow by specifying the workflow YML file path and a unique workflow name.


The execute_workflow method will print out the location of workflow outputs and any log files that the user can use to debug workflow errors.

While the workflow is running, the workflow_status method can be used to monitor its status. This method will print out the workflow stage that is currently being executed.